Prepare Your Backyard for the Long Weekend & Earn Up to 6x the Jiffy Points

Prepare Your Backyard for the Long Weekend & Earn Up to 6x the Jiffy Points

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Spring is in the rearview, everything is in full bloom, the heat is in the air — yes, summer is finally here. And as the new season arrives, so too does the anticipation of the first long weekends of the season, Canada Day and Independence Day. No matter what flag you’re planning on flying over the long weekend, the celebrations will largely look and sound the same: fireworks, family and friends, and plenty of backyard BBQs and parties. For those homeowners thinking about hosting long weekend festivities, it’s important to ensure that the backyard is prepared and in proper shape. Not only is this about showcasing the best your home has to offer, it’s also about ensuring that your guests have a great time. Read on to learn about how Jiffy can help prepare your backyard for the long weekend in a hurry.

Best of all, using Jiffy for your long weekend backyard prep can help you earn 6x the Jiffy points! Learn more about Jiffy points and how grouping jobs together can help you save.

Lawn Maintenance

A proper backyard BBQ experience should start, quite obviously, with the lawn itself. After the intensity of the initial spring lawn clean up, which consists of most undoing winter damage, summer lawn and garden care is mostly about routine maintenance: keeping the lawn healthy, weeding and cleaning garden beds, watering plants and the occasional trimming. Having your lawn and gardens cut, trimmed, pruned and groomed before hosting any backyard event should be top priority going into the long weekend. Struggling to find the time? That’s exactly what we’re here for. Book Jiffy lawn maintenance at the time and place of your choosing and we’ll dispatch nearby Pros to get the job done quickly and to a high standard.

Powerwash, Stain and Seal the Deck

Long, cold winters and chilly spring rains can take their toll on backyard patios and decks. The wood can become weak, faded, rotten, water damaged and split during these months before summer warmth takes over again. Given the fact that decks are high-traffic areas and prime features of any backyard get-together, ensuring that this surface is in excellent shape is a definite priority for the long weekend.

Powerwashing is an excellent way to deep clean surfaces and remove impacted dirt, dust, grime, mold and other caked-on materials. Once the deck has been thoroughly cleaned, having a waterproof stain applied can both protect the wood and rejuvenate the look of the entire deck.  When it comes to working with these high-pressure cleaning products and sealants, Professional expertise can be the difference between a botched job and a beautiful new surface. Jiffy dispatches powerwashing, staining and sealing Pros that have your deck looking like new for the long weekend and beyond. Better yet, powerwashing is also an excellent way to leave any interlocking stones, concrete, fences and siding in your backyard looking fresh, clean and presentable.

BBQ Cleaning and Repair

This should go without saying, but it wouldn’t be much of a backyard BBQ without the actual BBQ. Without the star of the show operating to its full capacity, the festivities have the potential to be ruined. Normal wear and tear of inner BBQ components can result in food contamination, a gassy or greasy taste, and unevenly cooked food. BBQ cleaning and repair should be a fundamental part of any backyard preparation routine, and that goes double if you are planning on hosting the big long weekend cookout.

Jiffy BBQ cleaning and repair Pros can address stubborn cases of caked-on grease, grime and ensure that your BBQ is carcinogen-free before the grilling season starts. Our BBQ Pros completely disassemble, scrub, de-grease, wash, inspect, and polish each component to make it look, feel and perform like new. The entire process takes 2-3 hours and you don’t even need to be home for it. After a comprehensive cleaning and any necessary repairs, your grill will be in perfect shape for the festivities.

Hire a Handyman for Those Odd Jobs

Busting those old rickety picnic tables out of storage? Does the hand railing on the deck need to be reinforced or replaced? Want to hang some backyard lights, repair a loose deck board or hang a hammock? A handyman can help with those odd, one-off jobs around the yard that you don’t have the time or the confidence to address yourself. Booking a handyman with Jiffy couldn’t be simpler, quicker or more reliable. We personally vet all of our Pros to not only ensure that they are highly skilled, but also that they are personable, trustworthy and communicative. When you book a job through our platform, you can rest assured knowing that we’ve asked the necessary questions so you don’t have to. With most of the legwork done already, Jiffy makes finding a handyman to help with your long weekend setup simple, streamlined, and transparent.

Junk Removal

Has the backyard inadvertently become a dumping ground for miscellaneous junk and items you simply don’t use anymore? In their haste to leave entertaining spaces clear of clutter and junk, they will simply move all said clutter and junk to another area in the house, such as the basement, the garage or a shed. Why create an even larger problem for yourself down the road? Book junk removal with Jiffy to help clear out the backyard of all junk, clutter and donatable items in order to leave it spotless and ready for the swarms of guests.

Book Backyard Help With Jiffy and Earn Points in the Process.

Preparing your backyard for the long weekend doesn’t have to be a stressful enterprise. No matter what you need help with in order to get your home ready, Jiffy Pros have the experience and the know-how to get it done quickly, correctly and to a high standard. The booking process couldn’t be simpler:

  1. Select your desired service and fill in your order details and location.
  2. Identify the timing that works best for you and we will dispatch the nearest Pro at the requested time.
  3. After the job has been completed, you can pay seamlessly and rate your Pro based on your overall satisfaction with the job.
  4. That’s it, that’s all.

And now, with Jiffy Points, you can earn Points and redeem them for credit towards upcoming jobs. For every 300 points, you can redeem $10 in Jiffy credits. And with streaks, you can earn points even faster by booking groups of Jiffy jobs that fit perfectly together. When you book multiple jobs within the same Streak, your Points multiplier increases with each completed job.

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