Live Out Of Town But Have A Toronto Or Ottawa Investment Property? No Problem.

Live Out Of Town But Have A Toronto Or Ottawa Investment Property? No Problem.

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Have an investment property? No problem! We can help with your home maintenance.

Canada’s red hot rental market has opened the door to foreigners purchasing homes in Toronto and Ottawa as investment properties. This is obviously a great investment, but things can get tricky when maintenance is needed, tenant damage needs to be repaired, or small things break and need to be fixed quickly.

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Small home maintenance jobs, easy to coordinate, quick turnaround time… sounds like the perfect situation for Jiffy.

One property owner from Hong Kong recently wrote into our live chat to inquire about some damage that needed to be fixed up as soon as possible (before their new tenant moved in!). There was water damage in the kitchen and bathrooms; minor drywall issues and some tiles and a toilet that needed to be replaced.

They were directed to our handyman and plumbing categories, requested their jobs, and had pros lined up before the end of the day! The work is scheduled to be completed within the next few days with lots of time before the new tenants take over.

Whether you live around the corner or across the ocean from your investment property, this should be a passive investment. You don’t need to be spending a ton of time researching tradespeople, coordinating schedules with them, and then supervising their work. For easy jobs, when in between tenants or existing tenants need repairs, Jiffy is the perfect way to request last minute jobs that can be scheduled and completed in a jiffy!

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