11 2020 Home & Condo Design Trends for Owners & Renters

11 2020 Home & Condo Design Trends for Owners & Renters

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With 2019 coming to a rapid close, it’s time once again to look forward — to a new year, a new decade and potentially, fresh new looks for your home or condo. With design trends always changing, this list of eleven 2020 home and condo design trends is our way of helping you stay ahead of the curve whether you are renting or own your space. Jiffy can connect you with reliable home maintenance Pros that will help you bring your vision to life.

1. Hanging Garden Installations

This one is primarily for the urban condo dwellers, but any homeowner or renter that’s looking to add green space (while hoping to save floor space) should look into installing a hanging garden. At a time when urban living spaces are shrinking and accessible green space is becoming harder to find, a hanging garden full of your favourite flora is an excellent way to liven up your space while creating texture and contrast. This type of commitment to bringing the outdoors inside is an example of biophilic design. By increasing your access to green space, biophilic design helps home and condo dwellers maintain an essential connection with nature and the environment. Plus, access to plants and green space can have positive impacts on mental and emotional health.

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2. Art Deco Light Fixtures or Lamps Will be Big in 2020

Art Deco (or just Deco) is a design trend that had a major influence on interior and exterior design during the early- to mid-20th century. Featuring smooth, decorative designs, curved surfaces and contours, Art Deco installations can be showstoppers if they are installed properly and used tastefully. Looking for a statement piece for your condo or a room in your home? Consider installing Art Deco light fixtures. They have the ability to transform a space through timeless, dramatic elegance.

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3. Bold Backsplashes

We’ve talked before about how adding a beautiful backsplash to your kitchen or bathroom is a solid investment for your home. It can make your cabinets pop while also completely changing the look and feel of these high-traffic spaces. Design and aesthetics aside, a new backsplash can also better protect the wall behind sinks and countertops from water damage and food stains. If you’re thinking of a backsplash re-design in 2020, try to stick to bold tile designs and bright colours to liven up the kitchen or the bathroom.

4. Paint it Black

Largely a carry-over from the last two or three years of interior design, black surfaces, fixtures and walls can create mood, elegance and bold contrast in any home or condo. Interior design professionals predict that this “black everything” trend will continue to grow in 2020. The common misconception around using too much black in the home is that it can make spaces feel smaller. And while this could be true of a fully black room, using bright colours and patterns to offset tasteful shades of black can work wonderfully. In many ways, black is becoming a new neutral colour in interior design.  

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5. Open Cabinets and Shelving

While this design feature is not quite new, it’s certainly not going anywhere in 2020. Typically, you’ll find open cabinets or shelves being used in one-off situations amongst closed cabinets. But why not open up more — or all — of your shelves and cabinets? This trend is especially helpful in tight condo kitchens and bathrooms. If done correctly and kept organized, open shelving and cabinetry can help open up the kitchen or bathroom space to make it feel bigger.  

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6. Textured Wall Art and Hangings

Moving away from traditional framed art and photographs, textured pieces of wall art are sure to feature prominently in 2020. In the same way that hanging gardens add texture and character to cookie-cutter condo walls, textured wall art can liven up a blank slate.

7. Sustainable, Biophilic and Reclaimed Design

This last decade has given rise to an unprecedented global understanding of how drastically our everyday actions can impact the environment. As a result, the trend towards environmentally-conscious, integrated and sustainable interior design is crucial for 2020 and beyond. Though we’ve already touched on biophilic practices earlier in this piece (interior design solutions that help us maintain a sense of connection to nature), there is more we can do:

  1. Give reclaimed/recycled/renewable materials such as bamboo, pallet wood, plastic, concrete, etc new life in your home
  2. Invest in energy-efficient appliances, toilets, shower heads and windows
  3. Purchase plants and maintain a fruit/vegetable garden
  4. Smart LED lights and thermostats can help you use energy more efficiently and intuitively

8. Smart Homes for Simpler Lives

Given that smart technology will become standard in homes everywhere sooner or later, investing in these incredible innovations is a home design trend to seriously consider in 2020. Whether it’s smart thermostats that provide room-by-room temperature controls or voice-controlled smart LED lights that perfectly set the mood room by room, these products make life more efficient and more intuitive for homeowners or renters.  

In order to get the most out of your smart home products, Jiffy can connect you with smart home installation Pros that will set up and configure the technology to your needs.

9. Soothing & Unique Paint Colours

Rather than resorting to simple neutral shades such as plain beiges, greys and taupes, 2020 calls for unique paint colours that soothe the senses. After all, the home is supposed to be a place of refuge and relaxation, so why not commit to this fact and use paint to create your ideal atmosphere? Colours like PPG’s Chinese Porcelain (their 2020 Paint Colour of the Year) blend shades like cobalt and ink blue to create a serene, relaxing blue hue. Other colours to consider? Try soft greens, coral, mint lavender or shaker beige. Above all, don’t feel the need to stick to plain old neutrals. Make your home a colourful, unique, soothing place to come home to.

Once you’ve landed on the perfect paint colour for any room in your home or condo, Jiffy can connect you with a painting Pro that will help to bring your vision to life.

10. Floral Wallpaper

The fact that this trend has seen such a rise in popularity over the last few years is a testament to the fact that the classics will never die. But while textured wallpaper has been around since the 1950s and 60s, 2020’s take on this classic is distinctly modern. Different sizes, shapes and colour contrasts bend the traditional rules to create striking wallpaper patterns that can make any contemporary space pop.

11. Mid-Century Modern Furniture

As urban condo designs continue to trend toward boxier, neutral spaces encased in glass and white walls, it’s vital to add design contrast in order to prevent these spaces from becoming lifeless and stale. By investing in a few quality mid-century modern furniture pieces, condo-dwellers can add serious character and effortless cool to their spaces. Hitting its heyday between the 1950s and 1970s, mid-century furniture prioritizes clean lines, gentle curves and comfort in a seamless blend of style and functionality. When used tastefully in a neutral space such as a condo, these designs can really make a statement. Mid-century furniture is often lauded for its timelessness, which is a trait that surely won’t change as we move into 2020.

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