Perfect Paint Styles for Essential Rooms in the Home

Perfect Paint Styles for Essential Rooms in the Home

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A successful paint job is one of the most immediate and efficient ways to liven up any room in your home. No matter whether the end result is bold and colourful or more subtle and understated, tasteful interior paint decisions can have a significant impact on the way homeowners experience their homes. As an added bonus, interior painting is a low-cost, high-return way to increase home value

All that said, it can be a daunting prospect to decide on what direction to take specific rooms in the home; what’s good for a kitchen is not always good for a bathroom or bathroom. How to pick what’s best for what room when there are so many different shades to choose from? Read on to learn some excellent paint choices for various essential spaces around the house.

What Rooms Should Homeowners Focus On?

Like any home improvement project, a successful paint job first entails prioritizing and tackling the most essential spaces first. Not only does this help to maximize the budget allocated, it also helps to concentrate your efforts in the places that contribute the most towards cultivating a look and feel. As a result, rooms like kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms are the ideal places to consider a fresh coat of paint.


Above all, the kitchen should be an inviting space that’s bright and/or warm. It is one of the most crucial social gathering places in the home and will inevitably be the sight of many days and nights with family and friends. As a result, the use of colour plays an important role in this space. Whether it’s painting the cabinets or the walls, here are some different options to bring your kitchen to life.

Whites: The ultimate choice for neutrality and brightness. White (or a subtle off-white) can make the kitchen seem bigger, brighter and can give the room a very positive energy. White is also an excellent backdrop for boldly coloured cabinets, countertops, backsplashes and furniture.

Greys: This option may sound boring at first, but much like white, the right shade of grey can act as the perfect backdrop for the splashes of colour that inevitably work their way into the kitchen. Certain shades, like Classic Grey, have beautiful warm undertones that will compliment any kitchen style well.

Reds: While certainly a bolder choice, red can be a warm, dramatic, inviting colour if it’s used tastefully. Brilliant shades of red can create stunning cabinets, while subtler shades like Paprika work well on walls to offset neutral cabinets and backsplashes.

Blues: Lighter shades of blue are perfect for creating a clean, crisp look on cabinets, walls and ceilings. If you opt to use darker blues, be sure to use them sparingly or contrast them with lighter cabinets and countertops to prevent the room from feeling too dark.


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The difficult thing about painting bathrooms is that they come in all shapes and sizes. A half bathroom lit exclusively by artificial light, and used primarily by guests will have a significantly different feel than an en-suite or master bathroom with higher ceilings, more space and natural light. Here are some colours to consider for these different options.

Greys/Whites: Using these lighter shades is an ideal solution for making small spaces seem bigger. They work wonderfully in half bathrooms that are limited by space and natural light. Pairing with cool, white LED lights in can help to accent the walls and mimic natural light. Bright, neutral shades also work wonderfully as backdrops for countertop accents, hanging art, tiles and hanging towels.

Coral/Grey: This combination works to create a striking, vintage feel. A strong, creamier coral tone matched against a darker grey produces a stunning contrast that can work beautifully in an en suite or larger guest bathroom.

Light Blues: To create a soothing spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom, consider utilizing shade of lighter blue. These colours are especially nice if you have a bathroom with white trim or white tile.

Navy Blue or Charcoal Shades: While these colours are dramatically different — the former is a dark, rich shade of blue; the latter is a grey/black hybrid — they both achieve a luxurious, warm, sophisticated feel in larger bathrooms. They are perfect for more modern bathrooms, or for accenting against wood features.

Pale Lavender: Lavender is not just a soothing scent. A pale shade of this luxurious purple can operate much in the same way as a creamy off-white, in that it’s soothing on the eye and it can make a room feel bigger and brighter.


A bedroom should be a place of refuge, of privacy and of serenity. As a result, the colours that homeowners choose to paint these spaces should make them feel good above all else. From guest rooms to master bedrooms, here are some great colours to consider.

Light Purple/Lilac/Violet: Considering that the bedroom is such a prominent place of refuge, a light pastel purple, violet or lilac shade is the perfect colour to consider for the walls. Not only will it create a sense of serenity, it’s also neutral enough to apply in guest rooms as well as the master bedroom.

Beige: Gone are the days when beige was considered a drab, boring colour. Beautiful shades such as Shaker Beige are warm, versatile and subtle enough to work in any bedroom in the house. These warm, complex beiges also work quite well in bedrooms that contain white trim.

Bright Whites: We know we may sound like a broken record at this point, but white shades are truly the most versatile for every room in the house. In this case, the bedroom is no exception. White can add timeless elegance, simplicity and neutrality to a bedroom, providing an ideal backdrop for pieces of art and other design features.

Blue/Grey: Sleek, timeless and comforting, a greyish steel blue is an ideal shade for those homeowners looking for a darker, moodier bedroom that still has character and complexity.

Soft Greens: Green shades like pistachio, sage and mint all bring something a little different to the table, but they are all striking enough to make a statement, yet subtle enough to not overpower a room or overwhelm the inhabitant. These shades are perfect for homeowners who own vintage or antique bedroom furniture.

Living Rooms

With the exception of maybe the kitchen, the living room is one of the most socially-oriented rooms in the whole house. It’s where we go to relax, entertain, chat or watch a movie. As a result, homeowners should try to consider paint colours that both stands out and compliments the functional use of the space.

Greens: Whether it’s a rich, darker green or a soothing sage, green is a timeless and elegant colour choice for the living room. Whereas popular shades like Night Watch are lush and luxurious, Mizzle Green is a soft, soothing grey/sage that subtly evokes the outdoors. Overall, green is an incredibly versatile colour that can satisfy any preference depending on the shade in question.

Clean, Crisp White: Once more, white is an excellent selection for homeowners looking to brighten up a living room without much access to natural light. Benjamin Moore’s Super White is a brilliant white that helps to maximize the natural and artificial light in the space. Sometimes, simplicity is the key to a timeless and tasteful living room.

Black: Black wall paint is always a bold, unconventional choice, as many homeowners automatically believe a black room will seem drab and austere. This is not always the case, though. If your living room is on the larger side and has plenty of access to natural light, black walls can be striking and elegant. Black paint also goes brilliantly against wood accents, bright-coloured furniture, artwork or a soft white trim.

Denim Blue: A deep denim blue shade like Blueprint is an ideal choice for a living room. It is not too light and not too dark, adding just enough richness and elegance to any space. While it is certainly powerful, it also has a soothing, unobtrusive quality that works great in high-use rooms.

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