5 Reasons Why You Need Winter Tires. Period.

5 Reasons Why You Need Winter Tires. Period.

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Ah, Winter. Daydreaming about the snowy days and evenings spent by the fire? Sounds like it's all fun and games... until your car is stuck in snow, slipping on ice or worse, all because you didn't take the time to get your winter tires installed. Here's the definitive list of 5 reasons why you need winter tires.

Winter tires will keep you and your family safe this winter.

1. STOP!

Whether you are getting cut off, the car in front of you doesn't signal before stopping for a turn or you are simply stopping for a routine red light, you'll need to stop. In warm, dry conditions stopping safely can be challenging enough. In winter conditions stopping can be a nightmare. The difference in stopping distance from all-season and winter tires can often be the difference between calling your insurance company to report an accident and continuing on your way unscathed. Minimizing your stopping distance is crucial to keeping your family safe. Studies have shown that winter tires reduce stopping distance by 40% or more in winter conditions.

2. Snow

Despite the calls for a mild winter this year you can bet there will be a handful of hefty snowfalls that will halt your routine in its track without winter tires. In fact, Toronto averages about 25 days every year (nearly 7% of the year!) with snow accumulation on the roads of at least 10cm.

3. Ice

Icy roads make driving very difficult. It's hard to accelerate, maintain control and break on ice. Winter tires have the traction needed to accelerate without losing control, complete turns safely and stop at a safe distance.

4. Cold

Temperature alone is one reason to make the switch to winter tires (notice that they aren't called snow tires anymore). In cold weather the tread rubber of normal tires becomes less able to provide traction. Winter tires, on the other hand, are equipped with tread rubber that are specifically designed to remain flexible in cold weather, providing for better traction!

5. Cost

Winter tires do require an upfront investment but may actually save you money. Tires wear down as you drive them. If you only have one set of tires they may wear down in about 3 years, but with a set of regular tires and a set of winter tires you may not need to replace your tires for 6+ years. Saving money shouldn't be the reason why you decide to go with winter tires, but the misconception that they cost much more shouldn't deter you either!

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So what should you do about all this?

Instead of waiting around at the dealership, download the Jiffy app or visit us online and have someone come to you to install your winter tires today!