The Top 5 Things New Home Owners Should Do Before It Gets Warm

The Top 5 Things New Home Owners Should Do Before It Gets Warm

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Yup, spring is around the corner! And for those who just spent their first winter in a newly-purchased home, it’s time to think about all the maintenance that comes with owning your own abode.

And in addition to ensuring your dwelling remains structurally sound, exterior spring maintenance further plays a pivotal part in promoting a more attractive curb appeal -- and can help you simply enjoy your new home just a tiny bit more.

Here are some of the top jobs we’re out doing for new homeowners this spring:

1. Cleaning windows

Scrubbing your windows will lengthen their lifespan, allow you to enjoy a better view and, as we’ve outlined previously, increase your home’s value.

2. Cleaning and repairing eaves and gutters

Although most often an autumn chore, spring offers a second chance to make sure your eavestroughs are cleaned. Clogged gutters can cause a ton of damage if rain water and melting snow can’t properly drain away from your foundation. And if it's not just cleaning that your eaves need, we’re happy to send a Jiffy pro to assess your eavestroughs and give a free quote on any necessary repairs, to make sure you walls and foundation stay dry throughout the rainy season.

3. Power washing the winter away

A professional power-wash will make your deck, driveway, garage door and stone look like brand new. Dirt, grime and mildew have a way of sneaking up on you, after all.

4. Giving free quotes on roof repairs and replacements

Clearly we treat roofing as a high priority here — no pun intended. Seriously though, we not only want to make you aware of when it’s time for a new roof, but know the right questions to ask before hiring someone..

5. Cleaning up yards

There’s nothing like reviving your lawn and garden to get you in mood for spring. Jiffy crews are out there clearing the remains of last year’s leaves, pulling up dead plants, seeding lawns, and edging and trenching gardens.

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