Don't Let Pests Stress You Out!

Don't Let Pests Stress You Out!

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Animals and bugs are on the move during the spring and fall. They are finding new homes, expanding their families, and getting ready to enjoy the summer.

Unfortunately, that also means that they might try to call your home their own. The best way to deal with this is prevention as we mentioned on our Spring Home Maintenance Checklist. However, if it’s too late and they’re already there, then Jiffy’s Pest Control professionals have you covered!

One Toronto homeowner discovered that an ant colony had recently moved into her basement! They were “everywhere, such a pain, and so gross,” according to her job description.

After explaining her situation on the Jiffy app, it was picked up in just three minutes by one of our pest control pros and he was on his way within two hours. Just three minutes for some piece of mind that this issue will be taken care of by a top rated pro, who has completed nearly 300 jobs through Jiffy!

Don’t get stressed about your pest situation. Jiffy is here to help!

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