Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

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Spring is finally in the air and with it comes lots to get done around the home! While the winter months are great for improvements to the inside, spring and summer are all about the outside of your home!

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Once the kids are home from school and things like summer parties, weddings, and other family engagements take priority, you won’t have a ton of time to get things done around the home, so it’s best to act early and get these jobs organized! Getting as many things on the following list done early means less stress and more time to enjoy your well maintained home!

Spring home maintenance is very important!

Here are the top things that need to get done inside and outside your home this spring so you’re ready to have an amazing summer!

Lawn & Yard Clean Up

  1. General yard clean up - pull dead plants, rake leaves, weed flower beds, etc.

  2. Pathway, driveway, and deck stonework fixes

  3. Check fences and gates for winter damage

  4. Deck repairs

  5. Reseal outside woodwork including your deck

  6. Power wash sidewalks and fences

  7. Remove mildew and dirt from outdoor furniture

  8. Check outside faucets and sprinkler systems for damage, turn water supply back on

  9. Clean BBQ

  10. Swap winter equipment (snow blower, shovel) with summer equipment (lawn mower, gardening tools)

Exterior Home Updates

  1. Exterior paint touch ups

  2. Inspect your shingles and flashing on your roof for damage

  3. Check caulking on your windows and doors

  4. Wash outside windows

  5. Clean out eaves and downspouts, check for winter damage

  6. Check foundation for damage

There's lots to do both inside and outside your home as we move into spring

Inside Your Home

  1. Declutter - donate, throw out anything you don’t use anymore

  2. Touch up interior paint

  3. Inspect basement and attic for leaks and water damage

  4. Get your air conditioner serviced

  5. Change your air filter

  6. Check for pests in attic and basement

  7. Reverse ceiling fans

In the spirit of spring cleaning and after spending the winter hibernating, homeowners like you are ready to start enjoying their yards and homes. Book your Jiffy job now and get a head start on your spring and summer home maintenance.

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