Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

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The winter months can be brutal in Ontario. When the elements are going wild, your home is susceptible to expensive damage so awareness and preventative measure are your best defence.

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Here's your winter home maintenance checklist

Most people don’t consider winter to be a great time for home maintenance projects, but we’re here to tell you otherwise! Winter is a great time to take care of some of those indoor projects you’ve been neglecting. Also, being proactive about potential damage to your home will save your thousands of dollars and many headaches in the spring once the snow and ice melts.

Jobs like painting, weatherstripping, and re-caulking are great winter jobs that will help to improve your home and winterize it so you’re not spending extra money on heating. Plus, Jiffy works all year round, so any help you need around your home - we can help!

Painting, weatherstripping, and re-caulking are great indoor home maintenance jobs for the winter.

Here’s a list of 15 things you need to do for your home this winter. Save money, improve your home, and prevent winter damage.

  1. Do you have a plumbing fixture that isn’t used very often? At least once a year, you should run some water briefly to make sure there’s still water in the tap. Doing this in the winter will help to prevent your pipes from freezing.

  2. Test your house’s plumbing shutoff valves to prevent them from seizing and to ensure they are working properly.

  3. Examine windows and doors for ice accumulation or cold air leaks. Use weatherstripping for a temporary fix, to help insulate and keep the winter air out, but make a note to get it fixed in the spring once the snow has melted.

  4. Go up to your attic and check for frost accumulation. Check the roof for ice dams or icicles regularly throughout the winter. Keep an eye on the amount of snow on your roof as well. If there’s more snow on your neighbours’ houses, and none on yours then you possibly have an issue with your insulation and should call in a professional immediately.

  5. Keep snow clear of gas meters, gas appliance vents, exhaust vents and basement windows.

  6. Monitor outdoor vents, gas meters and chimneys for ice and snow buildup.

  7. Stock up on deicing salt so you’re prepared for the first snowfall.

  8. Stock up on batteries and lightbulbs so you have them as it starts to get darker earlier, and if there’s a power outage, you’re ready for it! While you’re at it, check the batteries in all of the flashlights in your house.

  9. Get out the snowblower, turn it on, and let it run for a few minutes to make sure it’s in good working condition.

  10. Make sure you have a snow removal plan for the winter. Jiffy clears driveways, sidewalks, and paths starting at $50.

  11. Set mouse traps throughout your basement and attic. Unfortunately during fall and winter, mice, raccoons, and other small animals looking for shelter will try to make their homes in your warm attic or basement if they can get in.

  12. Go through your house and tighten any handles, racks, knobs, etc. Anything that could have a screw loose. While you’re at it, check all of the locks and deadbolts on your windows and doors. If anything isn’t working properly get a [locksmith](locks and deadbolts on your windows and doors) in to fix it right away.

  13. In the bathroom, take a good close look at all of the caulking around the showers, bathtubs, toilets, and sinks. Get them repaired as needed.

  14. Remove the shower heads and clean out the gunk that has collected in there. This helps to increase water pressure and will help to prolong the hardware’s life.

  15. Do a deep clean of the basement. Basements are often neglected and just used as storage. In the winter and spring you’re at risk for flooding in the basement of your home, so head down there, clean things up, and check the foundation for cracks while you’re at it!

  16. Winter is the perfect time for those painting jobs. Whether you’re just doing touch ups or re-painting an entire room - a room refresh can help give you a new perspective and enjoyment in your home during the dark winter months.

Make your home cozy and comfy this winter so you're happy to hibernate there this winter!

It's cold out! In addition to the preventative measures included in this list - spend some time making the inside of your home a comfortable, cozy place you're happy spending your time. It will make the upcoming extra snowy months more bearable when you're in hibernation mode.

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