The 7 Most Popular Spring Jobs That People Book Through Jiffy

The 7 Most Popular Spring Jobs That People Book Through Jiffy

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With the temperatures creeping upward and spring cleaning season in full-swing, homeowners should be thinking about getting the home ready for warmer days. The only problem is that these spring home maintenance to-do lists typically have a way of getting a little overwhelming. It seems that everywhere you look, there’s something else to clean up, clean out or tune up around the house or the yard. And as these to-do lists rapidly grow longer, life doesn’t get any slower.

Busy homeowners could all use a hand with their spring checklists this season. That’s why Jiffy provides fast and reliable home maintenance for less. Our platform instantly connects homeowners with local Pros in over 30 categories that can help to get any spring task done promptly and professionally. From the big tasks to the small, here are the seven most popular spring jobs that people book through Jiffy.

1. Spring Yard Clean Up

The sight of the snow melting is always a welcome one, that is until you see the state of your lawn underneath: that sickly brownish-green colour, a covering of last autumn’s leaves, dirt, various bits of debris and litter. Jiffy lawn maintenance Pros can clean up and help to revitalize your lawn after winter has taken its toll. Our Pros will remove leaves and debris from the lawn and garden beds, pull dead plants and turnover, edge and trench gardens to prepare them for the new spring growth. Need something else done? Simply fill in your order details during booking and your Pro will be sure to confirm everything with you before the job starts.

2. Window Cleaning

When it comes to jobs that require working at heights, such as a thorough cleaning of your windows, it’s best to leave it to the Pros. Jiffy offers window cleaning services that will leave your windows sparkling and free of the residue and dirt that inevitably build up over the winter months. Jiffy Pros are fully insured to work at these heights and have the experience to get difficult jobs like these done correctly and safely.

3. Eaves Repair

A season’s worth of heavy snow and ice can take a toll on your eaves. This is especially true if the eaves are already clogged with dead leaves and debris from the autumn. As more snow melt accumulates over the season and collects in clogged eaves, it will freeze and expand when the temperature drops.

The combination of the additional weight and the expansion of the ice can cause your eaves to buckle, crack and ultimately leak. Jiffy works with amazing companies to provide you with quick, professional eaves repair services. Because the scope of this job can vary from home to home, Jiffy will instantly connect you with a pro who will quote the job appropriately.

4. BBQ Cleaning & Repair

After an entire season of lying dormant and unused, BBQs can be in pretty rough shape. Hiring a Pro to give your BBQ a thorough, deep clean is the best way to get it back into prime working order. While many homeowners quickly clean their BBQs before or after cooking on it, few take the time to complete the job properly.

A Jiffy Pro can address stubborn cases of caked-on grease, grime and ensure that your BBQ is carcinogen-free before the grilling season starts. Our BBQ cleaners completely disassemble, scrub, de-grease, wash, inspect, and polish each component to make it look, feel and perform like new. The entire process takes 2-3 hours. After a comprehensive cleaning and any necessary repairs, your grill will be in perfect shape for the first family barbecue of the season.


5. Roofing

There’s no denying that roofing can be a significant, expensive job. That said, it’s also one that’s essential to the condition of your home in the short term, as well as its value in the long term. Because winters can be especially taxing on roofs, having your roof assessed for problem spots and damages during the spring is highly recommended. Jiffy's proven roofing Pros can assess the condition of your roof and can offer a free quote for both big and small jobs.

6. Powerwash, Stain & Seal

After a winter’s worth of salt build-up, dirt, slush and dirty snow, having your decks, fences, porches and interlocking stones power washed can both clean and rejuvenate these surfaces in time for the warmer months. Plus, if you are looking to sell your home, a thorough power washing of exterior surfaces is an easy and effective way to increase curb appeal. Jiffy can connect you with a Pro who will safely and thoroughly power wash these surfaces and leave them looking like new. For homeowners that are interested in further protecting or changing the finishes on their fences, decks or porches, a Jiffy Pro can also seal and stain these surfaces.

7. Tuning Up Your A/C Unit

The transition from winter to summer means moving from one extreme to another. We may be getting away from the bitter cold, but that means we are moving towards summer’s sweltering heat. Before that heat inevitably arrives, the spring is the perfect time to have your A/C unit inspected and tuned up to ensure that everything is in proper working order.

Regardless of the change in weather, A/C units should be inspected and maintained regularly. In fact, some warranties even mandate it. All Jiffy Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technicians are TSSA certified and should be used exclusively for heating, cooling and hot water in a home. Parts, if needed, are extra and will be quoted by your Pro.

Booking Spring Jobs with Jiffy Couldn’t be Simpler

No matter what you need help with around the home this spring, Jiffy Pros have the experience and the know-how to get it done quickly, correctly and to a high standard.

The booking process couldn’t be simpler:

  1. Select your desired service and fill in your order details and location.
  2. Identify the timing that works best for you and we will dispatch the nearest Pro at the requested time.
  3. After the job has been completed, you can pay seamlessly and rate your Pro based on your overall satisfaction with the job.
  4. That’s it, that’s all.

Book your spring jobs with Jiffy today and see how easy home maintenance can be.