What You Can Learn From 5 Commonly Requested Jiffy Jobs

What You Can Learn From 5 Commonly Requested Jiffy Jobs

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At Jiffy we're always learning about Toronto homeowners. Especially the jobs that come up time and time again. This list, though not exhaustive, is full of tips on how to lessen the costs of these jobs and see our pros less.

1. Snaking a Clogged Drain | Plumbing

About once a year (or more), homeowners will get their drains snaked by a plumber. Shower drains are particularly vulnerable - hair and bathroom product buildup is inevitable.

  • Our best tip: Place a strainer insert in your sinks and shower drains. It will catch a lot of the gunk you don’t want going into your plumbing system and help big time!
  • The deal with using Drano: A few months back we interviewed the Jiffy plumbers and learned Why Plumbers Advise Against Drano. The takeaway? It works when you take precautions, but it’s not a long term solution.

2. Weatherstripping Doors & Windows | Handyman Services

Weatherstripping is the process of sealing openings, like the gaps between the door and the doorframe, from the outdoor elements. Weatherstripping is one of our most popular jobs because it helps homeowners avoid wasted heating and cooling, and can decrease energy bills by 10% - 15%. You can replace weather stripping on your own - there are plenty of online tutorials available, and you can buy materials at any hardware store. If you aren’t sure what product is best for your home, reach out to Jerry!

3. Painting or Staining Exterior Wood | Painting

Porches, fences, and siding made from raw wood materials are especially vulnerable to water damage, and it’s no secret that painting/staining exterior wood gives it a much longer lifespan. Painting is a cheap and easy way to add value to your house: it makes old look new again, and provides protection from the elements. No brainer!

4. The AC Isn’t Cooling Well | Heating & Cooling

An inefficient AC system can make for some hot, hot times followed by a surprisingly exorbitant bill. It’s always in your best interest to keep that AC functioning well to counter these issues and protect the longevity of your system. There are a few things you can try on your own to fix this problem before calling in a Pro.

  • Try this first: Check your filters. If they’re full of dust and debris and haven’t been changed in 2+ months, swap them out for new ones and your system will start cooling much more effectively.
  • Try this second: Make sure your AC unit is clear of obstructions like plants, trees, and fences - it needs adequate space around it so it can effectively cool down the refrigerant, which is used to cool your home’s air. Spray down your unit to clean it up.
  • Still not working? Get a pro in to do an interior cleaning and check for issues. If you don’t have the tools or don’t want to mess around inside your AC unit, a thorough clean is included in a yearly AC service, which we highly recommend for all homeowners.

5. Appliance Repairs of All Shapes & Sizes | Appliance Repair

From dishwashers emitting strange smells, to smoky malfunctioning ovens, appliance issues are consistent in the homeowner community. Check out our posts for tips on care and maintenance: 5 Ways To Keep Your Oven Problem Free & How to Deal With a Dying Dishwasher.