5 Ways to Keep Your Oven Problem-Free

5 Ways to Keep Your Oven Problem-Free

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Here’s the inside scoop from the guy you’ve probably never had a long conversation with: your oven repair service professional. This week we got chatting with some of our Appliance Repair Pros, and got the lowdown on common customer issues. After reading this, you may never have to repair your oven again.

Lesson 1: Only use the self-clean button 5 to 6 times a year (or less)

Most repair requests come after customers use the self-clean option, a process where the oven reaches the highest temperature it can go. The high internal heat can melt the door lock mechanism, fusing the oven door shut. In 99% of these cases, our Pros advise the 5 to 6 times a year rule. It's likely no one will tell you this when buying your oven.

Lesson 2: Wipe down your oven once a month

Aside from the self-clean option, you should wipe down your oven about once a month. With neglect, your oven can become less efficient at reaching temperatures, and burnt, crusty buildup impacts the taste of your food. Never, ever spray a cleaning product directly on any part of your oven. Spray it on a rag first. If you need to get sticky residue off of a surface, just scrape it off - don't use heavy duty cleaning products! Here’s a trick: put a bowl of water in the oven and turn it up to high for 20 minutes. This will loosen the dried dirt and grease before wiping it down.

Lesson 3: High tech ovens break more

This is a hard fact from all of the professionals we spoke with: the more electronics in the appliance, the worse it is. The simpler the appliance, the better it is. Why? Appliances with more electronics and technical features will have to get repaired far more often than traditionally built ones. Period. Built-in electronics get shortages, miscommunications and errors that will inevitably cost you a visit from a Pro.

Lesson 4: Our Pros love Viking and Thermador ovens

These brands produce the highest quality, most durable ovens that rarely have to be serviced. With a Viking or Thermador oven, you’ll typically see your first issue in 10 to 12 years. In most other brands, something will likely break after the 5 year point. Where to buy the quality goods in TO? We really like Appliance Love and Best Brand Appliance.

Lesson 5: Don't neglect regular maintenance

Try and do a maintenance check about once a year. Have a technician come by and open it up, check for any issues, and do a basic clean. And lastly, if you move into a new place with an older oven, get it serviced right away.