4 Under-the-Radar Smart Devices to Complete Your Connected Home

4 Under-the-Radar Smart Devices to Complete Your Connected Home

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Since we’ve already introduced you to the obvious benefits of smart home technology — as well as made you familiar with the best smart thermostats and standout smart security devices currently out there — we reckon it’s time to fly a little under-the-radar.

After all, you’ve already got the basics covered! Now it’s time to complete your connected home. And while these items — be they garage door controllers, leak detectors, smoke detectors or switches — often don’t get as much attention as their more conspicuous counterparts, they command just as much notice. Take our word for it.

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Open, close and monitor your garage — anytime, anywhere!

Our Pick?


Not only can a single Gogogate2 device control up to three garage doors or gates, but its app will let you operate each of them remotely, whether you’re miles or kilometres away. It further possesses video functionality to let you see your garage in real time, in addition to automatic open/close functionality so your garage will open or close at a certain distance or at a given time. And thanks to the advantage of voice control, you also can literally tell it what to do!

Honourable Mentions…

Chamberlain MyQ Garage works with most major brands of garage door openers, while Roost Smart Garage Door Sensor’s unique monitoring feature permits other family members the opportunity to receive notifications on their smartphones.


Outsmart water!

Our Pick?

Eddy home

In placing an Eddy H20 Sensor by every water source in your home, the premises will be silently monitored — day and night — for leaks, mold and variances. If water is detected? Have no fear, you will be instantly notified! Incidentally, Eddy’s H2O Sensor can be acquired as either a standalone product or accompanied by their IQ. With the latter, you have the ability to remotely shut off your water, thereby providing you with comprehensive control of your home’s water environment. So, in other words, the ability to keep you home safe — and dry — wherever you are.


On your ceiling and on your phone!

Our Pick?

Nest Protect

As you can probably tell by now, we are big advocates for Nest. And when shopping for a smoke and CO alarm that looks for both fast and slow burning fires, they come no better than Nest Protect. This device will alert your phone and tell you where the danger is, as well as further allow you to use you mobile in easily hushing a false alarm. Plus, in being endowed with a friendly human voice which offers you early warnings, Nest Protect even thinks before it speaks! This way, as the manufacturer itself promises, you’ll be able to handle burning toast before it becomes a burning toaster.

Honourable Mention…

The Halo Smart Smoke & CO Alarm by Halo Smart Labs doesn’t just limit false alarms and provide superior peace of mind by combining six different sensors to identify real fires, but if and when it senses a problem, a voice alert immediately lets you know you what’s wrong. What’s more, a ring of light will illuminate and your smartphone will get an alert.


Transform any wall switch into a connected one!

Our Pick?

Lutron Switch

Caséta by Lutron is a smart lighting control system that can be used in both new and older homes. It has been tested and recommended on over a thousand bulbs — working with dimmable LEDs, incandescent and halogen bulbs — meaning there’s no need to purchase special ones. As for its range of switches and dimmers, they include a smart lighting dimmer switch for wall and ceiling lights, a smart lighting dimmer switch for ELV+ bulbs, a smart lighting lamp dimmer and a smart lighting switch for all bulb types and fans. Using the free Lutron app, all work with your voice assistant or smartphone.

Honourable Mention…

How does the iDevices Wall Switch go about offering enhanced flexibility throughout your home? For one, the it allows for single pole setup. Or you can use multiple switches for three- and four-way functionality. Voice control through Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant let you effortlessly schedule and operate lighting, ceiling fans and more, too.