Your House, Our Pros: Here's How We Make Sure They're the Best

Your House, Our Pros: Here's How We Make Sure They're the Best

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It's the middle of winter, you've got enough on your mind trying to keep a smile on your face in the -15° weather. Naturally, something goes wrong in your house at the precise moment when you have no time or energy to deal with it.

Problem in your house, what do you do?

Frantically you search Google, text your sister-in-law and post in Pink & Blue. While you're waiting for some recommendations you start calling around. After 10 minutes you've read 30 "10/10 ratings" on 4 companies, left 3 voice mails and given up hope. And just then... you get your first helpful Facebook notification! Sarah recommends trying Jiffy. She says you can order a licensed service professional with the tap of a few buttons. "The professional will come within a few hours and I won't even have to talk to anyone on the phone?! Sign me up. But wait... is this too good to be true? If I don't talk to anyone on the phone how will I know they're legitimate?"

Who's coming to my house?

How does Jiffy make sure that only the best, most reliable, qualified service professionals show up at my door to tend to my home maintenance woes? Without getting too political, we can say with certainty that our vetting process is actually more rigorous than one major US political party's. In all seriousness, service professionals need to do the following in order to qualify to accept jobs from Jiffy's customers:

1. Submit a detailed application, including relevant certifications, licenses and insurance documents.

2. Have excellent verified third party reviews and referrals that demonstrate quality of work, reliability and good character.

3. Interview with Jiffy to make sure we would want this service professional to show up at our grandparents' house. If they're lucky, they may even get to show their craft at one of our own homes (hint: Jiffy's employees are not all as handy as Jerry).

4. Maintain a 4+ rating from Jiffy customers like you!

So get a smile back on your face, download the Jiffy app and don't worry, Donald Trump is not coming to your house... unless your name is Barack :)
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