This Technology Can Save You Money on Your Heating Bill

This Technology Can Save You Money on Your Heating Bill

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Ah, January. A time to sit back, relax and realize there are three solid months of winter left. With the grand distractions of the holiday season behind us, the long winter stretch ahead seems that much longer. In order to combat the onslaught of subzero temperatures, it’s always tempting to sit at home, crank the heat up high and bask in the resulting warmth.

We all know the major caveat of that plan, though: the sky-high heating bills. If you’re not careful, a toasty-warm house can quickly become a costly indulgence. That said, there’s no reason why you should have to sacrifice a comfortable home simply to cut down expenses.

Switching to a Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostat is the perfect compromise to the problem of how to effectively, yet efficiently heat your home. We’ve already covered some of our favourite smart thermostats, now read up on how making the change can not only save you money but also make you a more responsible energy consumer.

Make the Switch, Save Your Money.

With the cost of energy creeping higher and higher all the time, smart thermostats offer homeowners a way to mitigate rising expenses and still heat their homes effectively. If used properly, programmable units can easily save homeowners between 10-20% on their heating costs throughout the year.

The amount you save can fluctuate for many reasons, the main one being how technologically advanced the thermostat is. Older, more basic programmable units are cheaper upfront but don’t offer the same level of customization and convenience. Smarter, more modern thermostats have a higher upfront cost but come with far more features that can lead to significant long-term savings. Some companies even boast up to 23% savings on heating and cooling costs with their smart thermostats!

Conserve and Concentrate Heating.

How do these thermostats work to save you money? The solution lies in how they allow for quicker, easier and more accurate temperature adjustments throughout the day and night. Even the most basic programmable units allow you to adjust the level of heating to the time of day. You can have your system heat up just before you wake up, cool down as you fall asleep and turn off when you leave for work. This way, you restrict heavier usage to the times you truly need it.

Smarter is Better.

With smart thermostats, the level of customization and control only increases, leading to potentially greater savings. Some of the higher-end units even come with features like room sensors that read temperatures and detect occupancy. In other words, these thermostats “learn” where you spend your time and can better concentrate the heat to where people most often are, rather than simply heating the whole home. Climate control has never been this sophisticated.

One of the main selling features of these thermostats is the fact that they are Wi-Fi enabled. While this feature alone doesn’t contribute to energy savings, how homeowners use the feature does. It means you can monitor and make adjustments to your system from your phone from basically anywhere. Certain models will also notify you with service alerts, issues and reminders to help you better track the health and efficiency of your system.

All of these incredible automation features add up to thermostats that work more efficiently to save you money.


Cheaper, More Responsible Energy Consumption.

Lower heating bills aside, the new crop of smart thermostats can lead to responsible, more accountable energy consumers. They allow for more efficient use of HVAC systems throughout the changing seasons. Most models are Energy Star certified, which means they have been reviewed by independent third parties for their ability to save on energy costs and reduce a home’s carbon footprint. Switching over to a smart design can also lead to other savings on your heating bill in the form of rebates and incentives¹.

Jiffy Can Help You Make the Switch.

If you’re interested in modernizing your home and saving money on heating in the process, let a Jiffy Pro help with the transition. We offer smart home installation services to get your new thermostat up and running without hassle. If you’re concerned with the state of your HVAC unit, we also offer heating & cooling services. All of our heating and cooling technicians are TSSA certified. Book with a Jiffy Pro today and we’ll make sure your system is running smoothly and efficiently for the upcoming winter stretch.

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