How to Avoid Fights: Let There Be Light

How to Avoid Fights: Let There Be Light

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In the beginning, when an otherwise happy couple wanted to purchase and install a new light fixture it normally led to three arguments. First, the couple would disagree about when to go shopping for light fixtures. Second, they'd disagree over which fixture to purchase. Third, Eve would want it installed right away and Adam, having no electrical experience, wouldn't be able to install it himself. The couple would fight about trying to find an available electrician and before long the fixture was relegated to the garage (...and Adam to the couch).

This is the exact story that led to the creation of Jiffy. Adam (not his real name) did some soul searching on the couch and realized there must be an easy way to find a reliable, licensed professional in the area who's available for small jobs ASAP. To Adam's surprise, nothing existed to solve this problem that every homeowner faces several times a year. Within months, Jiffy was created, Adam and Eve's light fixture was installed and harmony was restored.

This week, one of our clients needed to install a brand new fixture in her nursery. We can't tell you when to go shopping or what to buy, but we certainly can send a great electrician whenever you want one!

After purchasing their new light fixture, Amy had no idea how to go about finding an electrician to do the installation. As a young mom, her days are filled with programming and she didn't have the time to call around looking for someone who could be there when she needed. Fortunately, Amy's cousin recommended using Jiffy!

Instead of searching for electricians, exchanging voice mails and regretting purchasing the new light fixture in the first place. Amy downloaded the Jiffy app on her iPhone and ordered an electrician for Friday morning. Within 15 minutes John accepted the job. The light was installed Friday morning and looks great!

Stop fighting with your partner, get things taken care of in a Jiffy and let there be light!

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