Jiffy launches in Boston

Jiffy launches in Boston

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We announced our official launch in the U.S. with the launch of Boston (and the metro region) to our roster. For those of you who haven't used us yet, Jiffy vets top service professionals nearby, streamlining the process of having to search for, and qualify, a reputable tradesman. Whether you need the fridge fixed, the toilet snaked or the driveway shoveled, Jiffy helps you find someone you can trust to get the job done (uber) fast.

Today's consumers have come to expect high-quality services to be delivered, both when and where they want them. Jiffy brings that expectation to the home maintenance industry by providing a seamless booking experience and making it easy for consumers to find accountable, reliable home service professionals on the fly. The app's "Flash Deals" feature also allows consumers to benefit from additional cost savings when booking a job with a professional already working within close proximity to their home.

"Home maintenance repairs never come at a good time, and with everyone always on-the-go, the process of having to stop everything and scour for a reputable handyman isn't realistic anymore," said Ryan Shupak, co-founder and CEO of Jiffy. "Jiffy is changing the way consumers think about home maintenance by helping them schedule the work instantly, on their schedule, and we're excited to bring that valuable service to Boston."

Jiffy also makes it easier for trade professionals to build their business. Simply by registering as a service pro, the tasks of marketing, lead chasing, appointment scheduling, route optimization planning and payment collection all become streamlined within the app. This allows service professionals to build a business pipeline without stopping work, so they can focus on delivering high-quality services to customers. With over 30,000 jobs on the books already, Jiffy has seen some astounding results with some of its service professionals doubling the amount of work they are booking in a month.

"Jiffy eliminates the challenge of having to coordinate the homeowner's timeline with a service professionals' location and availability," said Dave Spina, GM of Jiffy's Boston location. "Just days after signing up with Jiffy, home repair service contractors already see an increase in the number of jobs that they can complete per day. It's like having an office manager in the palm of their hand and has proven to be a huge asset for building their business pipeline."

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