Announcing Jiffy Flash: Exclusive deals, when we’re in your hood

. 1 min read

Save with Jiffy Flash deals!
We’re excited to introduce you to Jiffy Flash, the best way for you to book home maintenance appointments with highly rated tradespeople and save money!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Your neighbour orders a Jiffy job.
  2. You'll get a Jiffy Flash notification alerting you of a deal with up to $50 off.
  3. You accept with a single tap, save money, and get your job done in a flash!

Don’t miss any deals - download the Jiffy app, register and add you address, turn on your notifications, and you’ll automatically be notified when there’s a Jiffy pro in your area.

You can expect to save up to $50 on your job but deals are first come first serve, so don’t hesitate to book if something comes up that you need.

Download the iOS app now.

[![Introducing Jiffy Flash! The easiest way to save on your home maintenance jobs.](/content/images/2016/11/Save-for-flash--4-.png)](