How Jiffy Finds and Vets Pros

How Jiffy Finds and Vets Pros

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Jiffy is a platform that instantly connects homeowners with nearby, quality home maintenance and repair professionals in over 30 categories. Welcome to our blog, where we share home maintenance tips, inspirational design ideas, and information on how we make it easier than ever to complete projects around the house.

Home maintenance shouldn’t be a hassle. Too often, homeowners are forced to waste time scouring through different reviews, quotes and companies until they find the right professional service for a fair price. That’s why Jiffy aims to make it quicker and easier than ever to book home maintenance you need at competitive, preset rates.

Sure, efficiency and simplicity are wonderful things, but they aren’t the only considerations you need to think about when it comes to hiring help around the home. No matter how convenient the booking process, paying for sub-par, unreliable service can result in even more pronounced issues for homeowners down the road. At Jiffy, we don’t just make it easy to connect with any Pros, we make it easier to connect with the right Pros. Read on to learn about how Jiffy finds and vets all of our Pros to ensure that any job booked through our platform is completed professionally and to the highest standard.

It's Free for Professionals to Join the Jiffy Platform

Applying to become a Jiffy Professional couldn’t be simpler. Home maintenance professionals from 30+ trades can easily apply to join the platform on our website or through our mobile app. That said, any Pro or company that we work with still must be vetted to ensure that they’re reputable and that they will provide Jiffy users with excellent service. We perform this vetting before any Pro can accept jobs through the Jiffy platform.

We Personally Vet All of Our Pros

All of our Pros go through an extensive vetting process before they can join our platform. We only work with top-quality service professionals and companies that are insured, certified and registered. Before we sign off on any Pro, we consult online reviews of their past work, seek referrals from other trusted Pros and we meet them in person.

Additionally, every company we work with must have at least $2M in liability insurance, up-to-date licenses/certifications within their category and strong references/reviews. The Pros who meet these standards will then come into our office for an in-person meeting where we talk through the platform, best practises and what we expect from all of our Pros. This entire process is meant to provide insight into how long they have been working, their personality and the consistency of their work.

Professionalism is Paramount

We’re of the mind that a quality home improvement professional needs to have more than just specialized skills and relevant experience. No matter what category they work in, a tradesperson’s professionalism entirely depends both on their skillset and how they interact with homeowners. Aside from being able to perform the job promptly and properly, they need to be friendly, communicate clearly and instil trust right away. Whether it’s smaller jobs like lawn maintenance and BBQ cleaning & repair, or bigger projects like roofing or HVAC repair, Jiffy Pros are expected to bring their best to every booked job.


Rate Your Pro With the Jiffy App

Beyond our initial vetting process, we wanted a way to ensure that our Pros remain accountable for the quality of their work and their professionalism. Not only that, we wanted a way to give homeowners a say in this ongoing process. That’s why our vetting process doesn’t stop with us. Every homeowner that books a job through Jiffy has the ability to rate their Pro on a five-star scale, after every job. If any Pros dip below 4.6 stars, we remove them from our system.

Rather than making homeowners scour through dozens of reviews, Jiffy’s rating system also makes it far easier for homeowners to immediately assess every Pro. No matter their chosen trade, every Pro will have their average star rating readily displayed during the booking process.

Jiffy Offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We hold ourselves, as well as our Pros, to the highest standards of professionalism and customer satisfaction. We aim to make your entire transaction, from the initial booking to the end result, a positive experience from start to finish. We're so confident in our ability to deliver exceptional service, that if anything didn't go perfectly, simply let us know and we'll do everything we can to make it right.

Book Fast, Reliable Home Maintenance with Jiffy

Home improvement doesn’t have to cause you grief. Whatever project you have on the go, Jiffy can put you in touch with vetted, reputable home maintenance professionals to help you complete it quickly, correctly and to a high standard.

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