Have You Ever Had Your Swing Set Tuned Up?

Have You Ever Had Your Swing Set Tuned Up?

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Do you have a swing set in your backyard? Do you know what kind of condition it’s in?

Does your swing set need a tune up?

(Book a handyman to do a maintenance check on your swing set!)

As the weather improves, your kids will be antsy to spend more and more time outside - and if there’s a swing set in your backyard, you can bet that they’ll be climbing all over it before long.

One smart Jiffy user and Ottawa-based mom recently took a good hard look at her swing set and realized it needed some updates.

The sandbox was in desperate need of having the sides replaced so she booked a Jiffy handyman to get the job done. She supplied all of the necessary wood for the updates, and in about a half day, the swing set was restored to new by a Jiffy handyman!

Your swing set braves the elements all year round - from snow to rain to wind. Make sure that it’s in good working condition every season by doing regular checkups throughout the year and getting any necessary repairs done immediately. Here are a few things you should do to maintain your swing set:

  • Check all metal parts for rust and deterioration
  • Make sure all moving parts are well lubricated
  • Regularly tighten any hardware
  • Check for rough wood and sand down any splinters
  • Check and remove any sharp edges
  • Make sure that the ground around the swing set is level
  • Check for any branches, bushes, or fences that might get in the way of rambunctious kids

Book a handyman to maintain your swing set.

Or, if you just picked up a new swing set, Jiffy can always help you put it together too! Just book a furniture assembly job.