11 Tools Every Homeowner Must Have in Their Toolbox

11 Tools Every Homeowner Must Have in Their Toolbox

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Have you just bought your first home? Did your friend or family member just buy their first home? A toolbox is one of the best, and most practical things you can buy for yourself or for a friend as a housewarming present. But what do you put in it?

Here are the 12 tools every homeowner needs to have within arms reach, especially in the first days as they are moving in and getting settled. This list, it should be noted, is perfect for both those who consider themselves to be very handy, or not handy at all. These are the basics that homeowners need, regardless of skill level:

1. Set of screwdrivers
A basic set of screwdrivers will get you pretty far as a homeowner

Whether you’re putting together new furniture, tightening a loose screw, or changing a light fixture, you’ll need a set of screwdrivers. These don’t need to be fancy, just the basic phillips, square, and slot screwdrivers will take you a long way with your home maintenance.

2. Needle nose pliers
Pliers will give you a solid grip on small things.

These pliers will give you a firm grip on small, hard to reach places. They can also help you bend wires and pry things open. This will probably be an often used tool in your kit.

3. Tape measure
You'll probably want a measuring tape to be easily accessible when furnishing your home.

A 25’ tape measure should be long enough for any household measuring that needs to get done. You’ll be surprised how often you’ll use this, especially as you’re furnishing your new home!

4. Hammer
A hammer is a basic, and obvious addition to any homeowner toolbox

This one is probably an obvious one to include. But don’t forget about this basic tool!

5. Level
If you're hanging anything, a level is a must have

If you’re just planning on hanging pictures or mirrors, a 9” level should be fine for those small jobs. If you’re planning on building some furniture from scratch or hanging a door, you might need a full size, 2ft level.

6. Cordless drill & drill bits
A drill will make everything from furniture assembly to minor repairs around your home

A cordless drill will make putting furniture together, hanging shelves, or mirrors faster and easier. This is a must-have for every home.

7. Utility knife
A utility knife is an unpacking must-have item

Even just for unpacking purposes, the utility knife is an important one to have on hand.

8. Adjustable wrench
Get a 10" or 14" adjustable wrench to ensure it's the perfect size for residential jobs

For residential jobs, you should only need one size of these in your tool kit. We recommend either a 10” or 14” model so that you can comfortably grab onto most nuts and bolts easily.

9. Flashlight
Whether you've had a power outage or you're looking for something in a dark place, you'll need several flashlights around your home.

You’ll be very thankful for at least one flashlight in your home for anytime the power goes out. Also if you’re in a dark corner of your basement, or need to find that thing that fell behind your couch… There’s lots of good reasons to have a few flashlights in your home.

10. Ladder or step stool
Even a small ladder or step stool will come in handy more often than you could imagine

OK - We know this technically doesn't fit into your toolbox, but for those hard to reach places, you’ll be very happy to have this. If your main focus is on the inside of your home, then you’ll probably be able to make do with a shorter ladder or step stool. But if you’re planning on working the outside of your house, you’ll probably need at least a 12’ - 24’ ladder to help you get up to the second floor.

11. Putty knife
When repairing drywall, you need a putty knife to be nearby

Even if this isn’t your first home, if you’re planning on some home maintenance DIY projects, then you’re going to want to have a putty knife and putty close by for any mistakes. If you need to fill in any holes, whether they are on purpose or by accident, you’ll be happy to have this important and simple tool nearby.

Honourable Mention: Jiffy Account

If you're a new homeowner, a Jiffy account is a must-have. If you come across a job that you can't do or that YouTube can't save - you'll have to call in a pro. Our pros can be there within three hours to help get you out of the jam you're in so that you can keep working on your home!

Whether you're a new homeowner yourself, or you're buying a house warming present for a friend or family member, these are the top 11 tools everyone who owns a home needs.