Easy Home Maintenance

Katherine Wellman

What Do You Do When Your General Contractor Can't Finish Your Job?

Home renovations can be a stressful undertaking since there’s often many moving parts that need to be coordinated. So then imagine if your general contractor has to drop out mid job... the chaos! (What do you need done around your home? Book a Jiffy professional today!) Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened for homeowner in Ottawa - let’s call him Adam. Adam was in the middle doing a…

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Get Your Home Tech Installed Properly - Every Time!

Home tech is becoming more and more popular. From locks you can unlock with your phone to light bulbs you can program to turn on or off from your phone whenever you’d like - homes are becoming more and more connected everyday. (Book a Jiffy licensed HVAC pro to install your Nest today) The Nest Thermostat was one of the first devices to connect homeowners to their homes -…

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Jiffy Movers Rescue a Moving Nightmare!

Moving. Everyone has to do it at some point and I’m not sure anyone truly enjoys it. It’s stressful, messy, and there’s a lot of room for things to go wrong. That’s why it’s so important that you hire the right moving company! (Book a Jiffy mover today!) You always hear horror stories about movers disappearing for hours, taking forever to load and unload your…

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Have You Ever Had Your Swing Set Tuned Up?

Do you have a swing set in your backyard? Do you know what kind of condition it’s in? (Book a handyman to do a maintenance check on your swing set!) As the weather improves, your kids will be antsy to spend more and more time outside - and if there’s a swing set in your backyard, you can bet that they’ll be climbing all over it before…

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Do You Need A Quote? Jiffy Now Helps with Bigger Jobs Around the Home!

At Jiffy, we're obsessed with making your home maintenance easy and efficient. Over the last 2+ years, here's what we've discovered: For small jobs (think <$500), we’re able to instantly book a top-rated pro, at a fair hourly/unit rate, for whenever you want the job completed. This works because it doesn't usually matter who comes to do these kinds of small jobs as long as they are…

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Don't Let Pests Stress You Out!

Animals and bugs are on the move during the spring and fall. They are finding new homes, expanding their families, and getting ready to enjoy the summer. Unfortunately, that also means that they might try to call your home their own. The best way to deal with this is prevention as we mentioned on our Spring Home Maintenance Checklist. However, if it’s too late and they’re already there,…

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