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Snow Removal

How to Avoid Spring Thaw Damage

We’re heading into the home stretch of winter! There’s probably only a few more big snow falls in our future, which means it’s time to start planning for spring - which is probably the most fun home maintenance season. (Book a Jiffy pro to help you prep your home for the spring thaw) However, one thing that often gets overlooked, with catastrophic results, is preparing for the…

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Don't Get Hurt This Winter! 10 Exercises for Before and After Shovelling Snow

Did you know that you burn approximately 300 calories while shovelling snow? It’s not a light workout! As with any vigorous exercise, it’s important to warm up before and after. The exercises listed below will help keep you limber and ready to shovel! (Book a Jiffy pro to come remove the snow for you and avoid the pain caused by shovelling!) Make sure you check with your doctor…

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13 Snow Removal Tips & Tricks

We all know that snow removal can be a pain. But not only for your body! Your home, property, and your free time suffer when you have to spend those hours shovelling the driveway. (Forget about shovelling this winter. Book Jiffy to remove your snow for you!) That’s why we put together this list of 13 snow removal tips and tricks to help you save your back and your…

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Snow Shovelling 101: Prevent Injury This Winter

Shovelling snow is not for the faint of heart. Every year, thousands of people are injured while shovelling the white stuff from their driveways and sidewalks. Back pain, sore muscles, and herniated disks are the most common injuries that snow shovellers experience. Broken bones can also occur from slipping on ice while shovelling and due to the strenuous nature of this physical activity, heart attacks can occur, especially in adults…

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We're Taking a Stand Against Snow Removal Contracts

This year, Jiffy is taking a stand against snow removal contracts. If you comment on our Facebook post that you’re with us - we will give you your first snow removal job for only $10. If you tag a friend in the same post, we’ll make it $5! Sure - there was that one year when we called in the army to dig Toronto out of the snow.…

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