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52 Tips & Tricks to Stop Wasting Money On Your Hydro Bill!

We've put together a thorough list of ways that you can save money on your hydro bills. Some of these money saving techniques are more expensive than others, but things like 'buy a new energy efficient fridge' didn't make this list since that's not always a practical solution. Hydro (or electric for the non-Canadians who are reading) is expensive and costs are only going up so if you implement only…

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Update Your Outdoor Lighting Today!

The summer is coming to an end, which means it’s getting darker earlier in the evening. Before you know it, the sun will be down by the time you’re getting home from work at night. For that reason, it’s important to make sure the lights outside your house are working and are placed properly for optimal safety. If you’ve just moved into your home and have…

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Spring Home Maintenance For Newbs

The backyard looks like a mud pit, the windows are caked with dirt, and the basement is all damp and dingy, but at least it's spring.... right? When a house comes out of winter hibernation, it needs a bit of TLC. Winter elements are harsh on even the most durable building materials, which can crack and wear down when exposed to repeated fluctuations in temperature. Think of all those strange…

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How to Deal with a Dying Dishwasher

Our Pros have been fixing appliances their whole working life. They know exactly how we’re ruining those expensive hard-to-replace parts, and why our dishwasher emits that strange smell. We chatted with our Pros about the 4 most common dishwasher problems people encounter, preventative tips, and fixes. 1. Your dishwasher has a clogging or drainage issue: Most often, this problem is caused by hard foods and objects. The common culprits…

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5 Ways to Keep Your Oven Problem-Free

Here’s the inside scoop from the guy you’ve probably never had a long conversation with: your oven repair service professional. This week we got chatting with some of our Appliance Repair Pros, and got the lowdown on common customer issues. After reading this, you may never have to repair your oven again. Lesson 1: Only use the self-clean button 5 to 6 times a year (or less) Most…

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