Easy Home Maintenance


13 Snow Removal Tips & Tricks

We all know that snow removal can be a pain. But not only for your body! Your home, property, and your free time suffer when you have to spend those hours shovelling the driveway. (Forget about shovelling this winter. Book Jiffy to remove your snow for you!) That’s why we put together this list of 13 snow removal tips and tricks to help you save your back and your…

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17 Fall Home Maintenance Must Dos

Fall is in the air and soon the temperature will start dropping. Before you know it, there will be snow on the ground and your heat will be on. Will you be ready for it? Now is the time to start prepping your home for the fall and winter. Doing this prep work will not only make your life easier come next spring, it could also save you thousands of…

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So You're a Grown-Up with a House... Now What?

Looking ahead to the new year is always an exciting time as we challenge ourselves with monumental questions like "What will I be?", "Will I be pretty?" and "Will I be rich?". However, once the New Year's sparkle wears off you might start thinking pragmatically about the year to come. For homeowners, you'll have one thing on your mind: how much time, energy and…

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