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Have You Ever Had Your Swing Set Tuned Up?

Do you have a swing set in your backyard? Do you know what kind of condition it’s in? (Book a handyman to do a maintenance check on your swing set!) As the weather improves, your kids will be antsy to spend more and more time outside - and if there’s a swing set in your backyard, you can bet that they’ll be climbing all over it before…

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Your Spring Lawn To Do List

We’re finally into spring which means the time of year to enjoy your garden and the great outdoors is nearly upon us. Spring is basically summer prep season and the sooner you get started the better! (Book a Jiffy spring lawn clean up today) That’s why we created a handy to do list for you to make sure you cross everything off your spring lawn maintenance to do…

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Your Ultimate Holiday Home Maintenance Preparation List

We’re officially into the holiday season, which can be stressful. Family and friends in and out of the house, cooking dinners, baking sweets, there’s a lot going on. A bit of preparation now, will save you some stress and headaches down the road. This is the ultimate Jiffy guide for holiday prep. Repair Appliances When it comes to appliances during the holidays, people usually immediately think of the…

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Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Lawn Maintenance Pro this Fall

Fall lawn maintenance is equally, if not more important than spring lawn maintenance. Caring for your lawn properly in the fall will set you up for a great spring and summer with your grass and garden. Here are the top questions you should be asking your lawn care team now! 1. What kind of fertilizers do you use? Most fertilizers contain benign ingredients that won’t harm your children or…

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17 Fall Home Maintenance Must Dos

Fall is in the air and soon the temperature will start dropping. Before you know it, there will be snow on the ground and your heat will be on. Will you be ready for it? Now is the time to start prepping your home for the fall and winter. Doing this prep work will not only make your life easier come next spring, it could also save you thousands of…

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