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Jiffy’s 2018 Spring Style Guide: Fantastic Fences

Welcome to Jiffy’s 2018 Spring Style Guide, our comprehensive primer of what’s popular and current in outdoor structures, platforms and surface solutions for the vernal season. And in our first installment, we’re tackling fantastic fences! Check our five favourite fashionable fence types. TRADITIONAL PICKET FENCES This ageless charmer remains amongst the most beloved and ubiquitous all-time fence styles. For an updated twist, try a more modern shape…

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Jerry's Guide: Prepare for Fall

Remember those peaceful long summer days with nothing to do? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there's lots to do before winter hits! It's easy to procrastinate (or ignore altogether) all the things your home needs from you before the seasons change. I've got you covered. Take care of these 3 things over the next few weeks and you'll be all set to hibernate all winter…

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Introducing Jerry

To DIY or Not to DIY? Laundry list of things to do around the house but don't know the first place to start? Enter Jerry - Jiffy's Chief Home Consultant. You've probably already seen Jerry cruising around town in the Jiffy Jeep. Now you can get in touch with Jerry via text, email, pigeon carrier, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to help you figure out if you should tackle your project…

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