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Getting ‘Smart’ Can Also Equal a More Secure Home — Here’s How!

When you first think of a smart home, we’re willing to bet the obvious come to mind: control and automation of lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, etcetera etcetera. But guess what? Certain smart home security devices can also make your home feel safer, too. From connected cameras to doorbells and locks, these devices exist to make it as easy as pie — and relatively affordable — to monitor your home…

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Smart Homeowners Own Smart Homes

Whether you’re renovating, just moving in or you feel like your home could use an update, smart home technology can make your home feel modern, and comes with a lot of benefits. Smart home technology is making homes safer, more comfortable and more economical every day. So what is a smart home exactly? Great question. A smart home has products that are connected to your wifi and are controllable…

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Christmas Tree Safety 101

‘Tis the season! People are putting up their Christmas trees and decorating for the holidays. Christmas trees don't catch fire that often, but when they do, they are more likely to destroy homes and kill people. Don’t become a statistic! Stay safe with your tree this year with these tips: 1. Pick a fresh tree If you’ve decided to go with a real tree this year, make sure…

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