Easy Home Maintenance


The Top 5 Things New Home Owners Should Do Before It Gets Warm

Yup, spring is around the corner! And for those who just spent their first winter in a newly-purchased home, it’s time to think about all the maintenance that comes with owning your own abode. And in addition to ensuring your dwelling remains structurally sound, exterior spring maintenance further plays a pivotal part in promoting a more attractive curb appeal -- and can help you simply enjoy your new home…

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Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

The winter months can be brutal in Ontario. When the elements are going wild, your home is susceptible to expensive damage so awareness and preventative measure are your best defence. (Need some help around the home this winter? Book a job with a Jiffy pro and we'll be there to help with whatever you need, on your schedule.) Most people don’t consider winter to be a great time for…

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Your Winter Cleaning Checklist

Sure, we’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but winter is also a great time to do some cleaning and decluttering in your home since the holidays are approaching and soon your house will be full of people - so now’s the time to prepare - which is why this list is heavy on the kitchen cleaning items. During the winter, people also tend to spend more time in…

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