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What You Can Learn From 5 Commonly Requested Jiffy Jobs

At Jiffy we're always learning about Toronto homeowners. Especially the jobs that come up time and time again. This list, though not exhaustive, is full of tips on how to lessen the costs of these jobs and see our pros less. 1. Snaking a Clogged Drain | Plumbing About once a year (or more), homeowners will get their drains snaked by a plumber. Shower drains are particularly vulnerable - hair and…

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New House? Our Tips for Week 1

First-time homeowners make up a large portion of our client base. As a result, we hear a ton of stories about mistakes made in the early days of homeownership. Like the guy who uninstalled his old dishwasher himself, caused a giant leak, didn't know where the main water shut-off valve was, water-damaged his floors, and broke the dishwasher. A bit of a disaster, to say the least. There's a lot…

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How To Love Your BBQ

With great barbecue comes great responsibility. No one likes a roasted red pepper tasting of propane, or a sirloin steak seasoned with burnt goo from last week’s wings. Unknowingly serving food from a barbecue inhabited by the backyard squirrel? The horror! To prevent such disasters from falling upon you and your burgers, we talked to our BBQ Pros about proper care for the beloved backyard barbecue. 1. Clean the…

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Why Plumbers Advise Against Drano

A homeowner once told us that kitchen sink clogs can be prevented by using Drano twice a year. We wondered if this was sound advice. Googling ‘Should I use Drano?’ tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the Drano Gender Test (myth) and the Drano Bomb (not recommended). When it comes to household usage, however, even our most trusted sources are at odds with one another. Some swear…

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How to Deal with a Dying Dishwasher

Our Pros have been fixing appliances their whole working life. They know exactly how we’re ruining those expensive hard-to-replace parts, and why our dishwasher emits that strange smell. We chatted with our Pros about the 4 most common dishwasher problems people encounter, preventative tips, and fixes. 1. Your dishwasher has a clogging or drainage issue: Most often, this problem is caused by hard foods and objects. The common culprits…

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