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Behind the Scenes: Jiffy's 1st Year in Review

By Paul Arlin, Jiffy Co-founder I Needed 3 Light Fixtures Installed... Sounds Simple, Right? One Saturday morning, my wife and I bought a few new light fixtures. When I asked the lighting store if they had someone who could come and install them for us, and they handed us a business card of an electrician. I called and got their VM, left a message and never heard back. When we…

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5 Father's Day Gift Ideas from Our Fave Local Startups

Toronto’s startup scene is booming, and local dads are totally hip with it. Fathers of all generations - from Gen Y to Baby Boomers - have readily embraced the amazing products and services that Toronto’s tech companies offer. For Father’s Day this year, why not support a local business that will conveniently deliver a thoughtful, dad-ready gift? If you're not getting your dad a Jiffy Gift Card*…

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