Easy Home Maintenance


Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring is finally in the air and with it comes lots to get done around the home! While the winter months are great for improvements to the inside, spring and summer are all about the outside of your home! (Book your spring Jiffy right now!) Once the kids are home from school and things like summer parties, weddings, and other family engagements take priority, you won’t have a ton…

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How to Avoid Spring Thaw Damage

We’re heading into the home stretch of winter! There’s probably only a few more big snow falls in our future, which means it’s time to start planning for spring - which is probably the most fun home maintenance season. (Book a Jiffy pro to help you prep your home for the spring thaw) However, one thing that often gets overlooked, with catastrophic results, is preparing for the…

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5 Common Mistakes When Hiring a Handyman (Or Any Tradesperson)

Handymen are the do it all types. They can fix, install, update, and remove lots of things from your home. Whether they are knocking down walls, replacing a faucet, or installing a light fixture - there’s always a risk when you let someone into your home to work on it. There’s a lot of room for error when you’re hiring someone to work on your home so…

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52 Tips & Tricks to Stop Wasting Money On Your Hydro Bill!

We've put together a thorough list of ways that you can save money on your hydro bills. Some of these money saving techniques are more expensive than others, but things like 'buy a new energy efficient fridge' didn't make this list since that's not always a practical solution. Hydro (or electric for the non-Canadians who are reading) is expensive and costs are only going up so if you implement only…

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What Does Jiffy Look For in a Handyman?

Before any pros sign up for Jiffy they go through a rigorous screening process. We want to make sure we’re only working with the best of the best and that you’ll be getting the highest quality work possible. It’s because of this screening process that we can proudly say that all of our pros are rated 4 stars or higher. If any of them dip below a…

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What Exactly Can a Handyman Do?

Handymen are do it all types. Perfect for the random jobs around your home that have been on your to-do list forever. Now’s the time to get those items crossed off and done! Not sure what a handyman can do? We’ve put together this quick list to show you! Window Caulking & Weatherstripping Winter is coming whether we like it or not. If you’ve read our previous…

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