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Hot in the Bedroom? Here’s How to Cool Down.

By Paul Arlin, Jiffy Co-founder
Special to the Jiffy Blog

Until recently, I’ve been dealing with an issue twice daily, around 3am and 6am, May through September. The issue I’m referring to is waking up by heat, and then remaining uncomfortably hot until I fall back asleep. Sound familiar? I couldn’t find any stats, but judging by others I’ve spoken to, I’d say that 85% of households experience this issue (also interesting to note, 68% of statistics are made up on the spot).


Sure you can try to close all the vents downstairs to increase airflow upstairs - but you’ll be let down. Some even recommend stuffing towels in the ducts in your basement, but that also doesn’t work great (and seems sketch). A solution could be getting a portable AC unit for the bedroom and having it wall mounted, in a window or on the floor, but that requires somehow venting hot air outside (via window or creating a hole in the wall).

Well I’m glad to report that I’ve found the solution - ever since installing an ecobee3 smart thermostat with room sensor in my house, I’ve been sleeping cool each night (and early morning curse count has reduced accordingly).


The ecobee3 is $249, but there’s a promotion right now where you’ll get $100 back from Enbridge, so call it $149 (did that math in my head). I tried to install it myself, as the instructions say “anyone” can do it, but quickly ordered a Jiffy once I saw wires were involved. A Jiffy certified HVAC professional was $130, so all-in it cost $279+tax.

Here’s how it works:

The ecobee3, unlike other smart thermostats, comes with a sensor to place in your bedroom. On your ecobee smartphone app or the touchscreen thermostat itself, you set your sleep schedule (say 10pm-7am) and the desired temperature you want in your bedroom. So unlike other thermostats which only read the desired temp at the thermostat itself (and stop the AC once the temperature is reached at the thermostat’s location), the ecobee3 reads the temperature in the bedroom and runs the AC until the desired temperature is reached.


Been sleeping easy and cool since April 2016,


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