Easy Home Maintenance

Paul Arlin

Behind the Scenes: Jiffy's 1st Year in Review

By Paul Arlin, Jiffy Co-founder I Needed 3 Light Fixtures Installed... Sounds Simple, Right? One Saturday morning, my wife and I bought a few new light fixtures. When I asked the lighting store if they had someone who could come and install them for us, and they handed us a business card of an electrician. I called and got their VM, left a message and never heard back. When we…

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Hot in the Bedroom? Here’s How to Cool Down.

By Paul Arlin, Jiffy Co-founder Special to the Jiffy Blog Until recently, I’ve been dealing with an issue twice daily, around 3am and 6am, May through September. The issue I’m referring to is waking up by heat, and then remaining uncomfortably hot until I fall back asleep. Sound familiar? I couldn’t find any stats, but judging by others I’ve spoken to, I’d say that 85%…

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