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4 Under-the-Radar Smart Devices to Complete Your Connected Home

Since we’ve already introduced you to the obvious benefits of smart home technology — as well as made you familiar with the best smart thermostats and standout smart security devices currently out there — we reckon it’s time to fly a little under-the-radar. After all, you’ve already got the basics covered! Now it’s time to complete your connected home. And while these items — be they garage door controllers,…

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We Have an Exciting Announcement!

We are excited to announce that we’ve raised an additional $2.4 million (U.S.) in funding. Golden Venture Partners led the round, with additional participation from notable investors including Hedgewood and Two Small Fish Ventures. We will be using the funding to make Jiffy experience even better, and to bring Jiffy to more cities, including in the U.S. As the first step in our U.S. roll…

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Getting ‘Smart’ Can Also Equal a More Secure Home — Here’s How!

When you first think of a smart home, we’re willing to bet the obvious come to mind: control and automation of lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, etcetera etcetera. But guess what? Certain smart home security devices can also make your home feel safer, too. From connected cameras to doorbells and locks, these devices exist to make it as easy as pie — and relatively affordable — to monitor your home…

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Live Better and Save More with These Must-Have Smart Thermostats

So you left your house, only to realize minutes — or perhaps hours — later that you forgot to turn the heat down. Ah, fret not. The odds are the same thing hasn’t just happened to your next door neighbour, but likely the owners who were living in both your homes prior to either of you showing up on the block… and most definitely the inhabitants long before them! Thankfully, in…

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Smart Homeowners Own Smart Homes

Whether you’re renovating, just moving in or you feel like your home could use an update, smart home technology can make your home feel modern, and comes with a lot of benefits. Smart home technology is making homes safer, more comfortable and more economical every day. So what is a smart home exactly? Great question. A smart home has products that are connected to your wifi and are controllable…

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Jiffy launches in Boston

We announced our official launch in the U.S. with the launch of Boston (and the metro region) to our roster. For those of you who haven't used us yet, Jiffy vets top service professionals nearby, streamlining the process of having to search for, and qualify, a reputable tradesman. Whether you need the fridge fixed, the toilet snaked or the driveway shoveled, Jiffy helps you find someone you can trust…

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